Learning To Pose

Bikini models all have to learn to pose from someone else – that's if you can find someone who is prepared to show you.

Most girls, no matter how gorgeous really don't know how to pose.

They just move around until by accident the photographer hits a good shot.

Photoshoots like this are a waste of time. It can take up to 100 shots to catch one or two that are good. Let me tell you as a fashion photographer that poses are designed from the bottom up!

That's right, poses are worked out for bikini shots that flatter the female body and accentuate your curves while not giving you a double chin for instance. A lot of thought has gone into each pose.

You need to know about 20 bikini poses - that may sound a lot but that's the job.

It will take you only about a week to learn them if you get a good posing video or DVD, there are a number on the market but one that our bikini models recommend is "Bikini Posing Made Easy".

The reason we recommend this one is that they teach the poses like a "dance routine"; where one pose moves into the next, so every time we take a shot we get a great looking pose. This is an absolute must have if you are serious about becoming a bikini model.

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